Our Services

Nichols Investment Advisory Services provides an uncompromising level of personal service, experience and expertise to help clients with important decisions that are crucial to the success of their financial goals. We work closely with our clients to ensure proper goals are set, monitored, adjusted and ultimately met.

As your fiduciary financial advisor, our wealth management advice is unbiased and free from conflicts of interest. We work for you, not for third parties or investment sales commissions.

We provide a wide range of financial wealth management services to professionals, retirees, and business owners including portfolio analysis, portfolio management, individual retirement analysis and planning, pension planning and help with estate planning and trusts.

Estate Planning and Trust Management Services on Cape Cod and Massachusetts

Portfolio Management

We will utilize the very best investment products while considering numerous factors. Your portfolio will be implemented through Schwab Advisor Services, a powerful platform enabling us to provide you with dynamic portfolio management.

Individual Retirement Planning and Analysis

We design and structure portfolios to grow your assets and provide you with the highest level of income when retired. We perform a detailed retirement analysis providing you with a road map for a successful retirement.

Pension Planning for Small Proprietors and Corporations

Working with businesses and small medical practices, we custom design and implement retirement plans that are specific to their needs and rewards their employees.

Estate Planning and Trusts

Working with your estate planning attorney, accountant, and trust administrator, we will help accomplish the estate owners objectives. We will provide the necessary products and services that will enable the plan to be implemented as envisioned by the client.